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Sweet on You

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Clear quartz crystal macramè tassel attach to a ring wrapped in cream cotton and gold string.

  • Macrame tassel design created In cream cotton and gold string.
  • Measures 10cm wide x 31cm long approx from top of hanging
  • Clear Quartz boosts energy, is good for headaches as this crystal has no colour it works quicker than the other coloured crystals. Stone of power it stimulates the psychic abilities. It is an excellent stone for massage work. It is calming, clearing and rejuvenating mineral. It helps to amplify the energy and healing qualities of other crystals. It energises the physical and mental states and is great for meditation. It can be used on all chakras instead of or as well as other crystals.
  • Please keep away from little hands. Item is fragile.

All Sweet on You products are lovingly handmade in New Zealand.

Colours may vary from photo.

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